Sunday, December 30, 2012

Questions For Consideration

The year ends – look back:
- What have you accomplished?
- What challenges did you face?
- What are your happiest memories?

A new year begins – look forward:
- What do you want to accomplish?
- What will you learn?
- What will make you happy?

More importantly, consider these questions:
- How will you accomplish what you now only want?
- How will you learn what you need to learn?
- How will you change in your life?

Never doubt that you are capable of being more than you are currently.  Look at people who have achieved success – were they successful on their first try? No. In most cases, they faced failures, challenges, and disappointments.  But, they went on to achieve success. 

All of these people looked at where they were in life. They also looked at where they wanted to be, but one of the main differences is that they took action and ultimately changed their lives.

What About YOU?

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